Recent Talks

"Probabilistic Reasons," Princeton-Michigan Metanormativity Workshop (University of Michigan) [with Calum McNamara]

“Bad Sex and Consent,” Bad Romance: The Ethics of Love, Sex, and Desire (Harvard University)

“Gaslighting, Implicit Bias, and Higher-Order Evidence” (Eastern APA Symposium; IIFs-UNAM Philosophy Graduate Conference)

"Consent and Luminosity," Michigan-MIT Social Philosophy Workshop (University of Michigan)

“Against the New Pragmatists," Princeton-Michigan Metanormativity Workshop (Princeton University)


Eyal Tal, “A Dilemma for Higher-Level Suspension,” Eastern APA: Philadelphia, PA (January 2020)

Jason Konek, “Aggregating Imprecise Probabilities Using Epistemic Utilities,” Michigan Alumni Conference, University of Michigan (May 2019) [comments with Calum McNamara]

Jane Friedman, “The Epistemic & The Zetetic,” Spring Colloquium on Epistemology: Norms and Values, University of Michigan (Feb 2019)

Chloé de Canson, “Salience & The Sure-Thing Principle,” Athena in Action: Networking & Mentoring Workshop for Graduate Student Women in Philosophy, Princeton University (June 2018)

Mari Mikkola, “Extensional Intuitions and Gender Terminology,” Spring Colloquium: Theory, Practice, and the Contemporary Experience of Gender, University of Michigan (March 2017)