CV | Academia 
ewoodard at umich dot edu

I'm a 3rd year PhD student in Philosophy at the University of Michigan, where I’m advised by Brian Weatherson & Sarah Moss. Before that, I was an undergraduate at Reed College in Portland, OR. I’m from Long Island, NY. In Fall 2019, I’ll be a visiting graduate student at USC.

My primary interests lie in epistemology, ethics, and feminist philosophy (and their various intersections). My research focuses on the extent to which considerations outside one’s epistemic purview can make a difference to what one ought to believe. I also have a few side projects on consent and in particular what role it should play in sexual ethics.

My current hobbies include hot yoga & cycling, researching workflows, and trying new vegan restaurants 🌱.

I used to translate texts from French to English. I've translated articles by Michel Foucault, Georges Didi-Huberman, Hélé Béji, and Jacques Rancière, some for publication